Rolled Textile Storage

Long textiles such as flags should be stored flat, however space limitations may make rolled storage a viable alternative. A simple textile storage roll can be made using pvc drain pipe, plastic or cardboard tubing. No matter what material is used, the tubing should be 3 to 6 inches in diameter and should be at least 4 inches longer than the width of the textile to be stored. A barrier of stockinette, acid free tissue, or microfoam should be placed between the tube and the textile.


This pre 1941 RCAF ensign was stored badly folded for many years. It was very dirty, discoloured and had a great number of creases. It was gently washed with a small amount of anionic detergent in 80F water and rinsed 3 times in distilled water. It was allowed to dry flat.


The majority of the serious creases have dissapeared, and the ensign is much cleaner.


Cotton stockinette is ideal as a barrier material for rolled textiles. It comes in tubular form in various diameters and is availible from medical supply companies. It is simply rolled down the lenth of the object to be covered.


A cardboard tube has been cut to length and covered with 2 layers of stockinette.


The ensign has been laid flat and rolled onto the tube, care being taken to smooth out creases.


The rolled ensign has been covered with acid free tissue and gently secured with cotton twill tapes. An unbleached cotton cover or microfoam sheet can be used as a cover in place of, or in addition to the tissue. 2 pieces of microfoam plank have been cut with a "V" cut to support the roll at each end. The "V" cut allows different diameters of tubing to be accomodated.


The rolled textile is placed on it's storage shelf. The textile is secured well above the shelf by the microfoam plank mounts. A tag with a description can be tied to the twill tapes. Eventually the ensign will be displayed in a purpose built frame.

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