This website is dedicated to the men and women of the former Service Police of the Royal Canadian Navy, Canadian Army and Royal Canadian Air Force and the Canadian Forces Military Police, past and present.

About This Site

Welcome to the Canadian Military Police Virtual Museum, the online presence of the Canadian Military Police Museum, a registered Canadian incorporated museum. Here you will find images of uniforms, equipment and insignia employed by Canadian Military Police from 1914 to the present. This website is concerned primarily with material culture ie: artifacts as they relate to the Canadian Military Police. Military operations are mentioned briefly only in order to put the artifacts in historical context.

At this time, this website is only in English, but there will eventually be a mirror version in French. This website is a non-govermental operation, and does not reflect Canadian Government or Department Of National Defence offical policy or opinions. This website is privately funded and donations from site visitors are appreciated.

Museum Mission Statement

The purpose of the Canadian Military Police Museum is to preserve and present the history and traditions of the Police Services of the Canadian Navy, Army, and Air Force and the Canadian Forces Military Police Branch. To achieve this mandate, the Museum collects and preserves artifacts and archival material, collects oral histories, conducts research, and develops exhibits and educational programs pertaining to Canadian Military Police.

Collections Policy

It shall be the policy of the Museum to acquire artifacts and other materials relating to the Royal Canadian Navy Regulating Branch, Canadian Military Police Corps, Canadian Provost Corps, Royal Canadian Air Force Police, and the Military Police Branch of the Canadian Armed Forces.

It shall also be the policy of the Museum to acquire unissued, sample, or sealed patterns of uniforms, insignia and equipment representing the development of dress and equipment of the Canadian Military from 1914 to the present day.

References and Acknowledgements

As much as possible, primary source material is consulted. Major primary source materials used are:

Royal Canadian Navy

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Canadian Naval General Orders 1940, 1944
BRCN 108 Uniform Instructions For the Royal Canadian Navy 1951, 1957
BRCN 213 RCN Catalogue of Material Insignia 1957, 1962
BRCN 3047 Manual of Rank Requirements Vol. 1 Leading Seaman and Petty Officer 2nd Class
BRCN 3048 Manual of Rank Requirements Vol. 2 Chief PO 1st Class, Chief PO 2nd Class, Petty Officer 1st Class

Canadian Army

Dress Regulations 1907
Regulations and Instructions for the Clothing of the Non Permanent Active Militia 1926
Dress Regulations 1933
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CEF General Orders
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Canadian Army Routine Orders and Canadian Army Routine Orders (Overseas)
Provost Marshal Circular Letters
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Canadian Army Manuals of Training 10-1 to 10-4

Royal Canadian Air Force

RCAF Service Police Course Guide 1943
CAP 101 Royal Canadian Air Force Service Police Manual 1943
CAP 6 Royal Canadian Air Force Dress Instructions (various years)

In addition, a number of individuals have contributed to this site, with information, criticisms, artifacts or scans of artifacts. The Museum would like to acknowledge a few of them:

CWO (Retired) Ben Boulet CD, Military Police Branch
CWO (Retired) George Elliott MMM, CD, C PRO C and Military Police Branch
SGT (Retired) Garry Roncetti CD, C Pro C and Military Police Branch
CPL (Retired) Jeff Woodruff CD, Military Police Branch
And Jason Ginn, Dwayne Hordij, Clive Law, Neil Martin, Colin Schlachta, Ed Storey, John Swan, Doug Townend and Morley Verdier, for their input and research assistance.
Bryan Williamson CD, Royal Canadian Navy (Retired) for providing images for the Naval pages of this site.
A special thanks to Mr. John W. Findlay for the donation of a large collection of photographs collected by his father, the late Captain James V. Findlay, Canadian Provost Corps.

And a special thanks to Mr. Jackson D Shaw Jr. for providing a large collection of photographs collected by his father, the late Sergeant Jackson D Shaw CD, Black Watch, RCAF Police and Canadian Forces Military Police.

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