The Canadian Provost Corps
1946 - 1968

Patrol and Ceremonial Dress Uniforms

As the Canadian Provost Corps was formed during wartime, no provisions were made in Dress Instructions for Full Dress and Patrol Dress uniforms. Following the end of the Second World War, orders of Ceremonial Dress, Patrol Dress and Mess Dress was authorised for the Canadian Provost Corps.

Blue Patrol dress was approved for all Officers, and Warrant Officers and NCOs above the rank of Lance Sergeant. Patrol dress consisted of a dark blue jacket and matching trousers. Blue Patrol dress was worn by all ranks of the Canadian Provost Corps Band and all ranks of the Provost military security guard at Canadian embassies.


Ceremonial Dress

The ceremonial version of Patrol Dress with medals, gold aguillete and gold shoulder boards. The red and gold aguillete was worn only by officers appointed as an aide-de-camp.

Details of the shoulder cords and aguilette worn in the Ceremonial Order of Patrol Dress.

Patrol Dress

Details of the detachable cloth epaulette worn by officers in Patrol Dress. All insignia is in gilt.

Other Ranks

Members of the Provost Military Security Guard at Canada House, London England. The Blue Patrols are worn with a white belt with the Corps buckle. Rank insignia consists of gold chevrons worn only on the right arm.

Details of the non-detachable epaulettes worn by other ranks on Patrol Dress. The shoulder titles and collar badges are in brass. Buttons were originally brass, but later issues were anodised.

The hat worn with Patrol Dress by other ranks was similar to that worn by officers, but was of a lesser quality and was worn with a brass cap badge. This hat was also worn as a service dress hat and with battledress and bush orders of dress.

Detail of the Patrol Dress Warrant Officer Class 1 rank badge. Rank insignia was worn only on the right sleeve.

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