The Canadian Provost Corps
1946 - 1968

Postwar Web Equipment

NAC 177487
Two Provost NCOs in Korea. Note the unwhitened first pattern Browning holster worn by the NCO on the left.

Although new web equipment was under development in the late 1940's, Canada went to war in Korea almost completely equipped with Second World War uniforms, weapons and equipment. Whitened Pattern 1937 web was worn by Provost on patrol and garrison duty. In Canada, Provost were not armed except under certain conditions such as guarding sensitive areas, providing close protection for VIPs, or as escorts for Army Paymasters. The normal duty belt consisted of a waistbelt, brace and brace attachment. The Browning No2 Mk1* pistol, when issued, was carried in a variety of holsters, mostly Pattern 1937 or Pattern 1951. A set of web consisting of a waistbelt, brace, holster and canteen carrier was developed in the early 1960's, intended specifically for Provost use. As well, a small number of sets of 1964 Pattern web made in white material were modified and issued to Provost for user trials. It was common to see a mixture of 1937 and 1951 Pattern equipment worn in the field.

Modified 1937 Pattern Web Equipment

After 1945, Canadian Provosts were armed exclusivly with the Browning Hi Power Pistol. A special pistol holster made in white web was made for Military Police use in 1952, but Second World War vintage holsters were still often worn well into the 1960s.

1937 Pattern waistbelt, brace and brace attachment with the second pattern Browning pistol holster.

1937 Pattern waistbelt, brace and brace attachment with a whitened 1951 Pattern Browning pistol holster.

1937 Pattern Browning pistol holster made in white web for MP use.


Inside view of the 1937 Pattern Browning pistol holster made in white web. Made by Textile Industries Ltd. in 1952.

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