The Canadian Provost Corps
1946 - 1968


Two Provost NCOs inspecting a detachment arms lockup. Weapons include Browning Hi-Power pistols and Federal Tear Gas Guns.

Browning Hi Power Pistol


The primary pistol in use by Provost and later, Canadian Military Police, from 1944 until the mid 1990s was the 9 mm Browning Hi Power. It's magazine was capable of holding 13 rounds, but was normally only loaded with 10. A big advantage was that it fired the same ammunition as the SMG C1.

Federal Tear Gas Riot Gun

The Federal Riot Gun is an American made single shot smoothbore break action weapon. It is capable of firing 37 and 38mm tear gas and anti-riot projectiles. It weighs 2.5 kg empty and is 737 mm long. It is produced in several models, later versions have a vertical fore-grip and are fitted for slings. This gun has been in Canadian service since the early 1950s and stocks are still held.



The action open for loading. Note the folding 50 yard rear sight.


Closeup of the open action. The reciever body and barrel are made of aluminum alloy.

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