The Canadian Provost Corps
1939 - 1946

Canadian Womens Army Corps Provost

Badges And Insignia

Cap Badges


  Officer's cap badges were voided, and produced in three variations: brass and white metal, bronze, and frosted gilt and silver. The Other Rank's cap badge was plain brass, with a white metal overlay.

Collar Badges


  Collar badges were worn by all ranks on every uniform except the greatcoat, battledress and shirt sleeve order. Officers collar badges were either voided in gilt and silver or unvoided in gilt. As with the cap badge, the collar badges for Other Ranks were in plain brass.

Shoulder Titles And Buttons

Metal Title

Buff Lettering

Yellow Lettering

Canada Title

Brass Buttons

  CWAC shoulder titles were worn on the epaulettes of the jacket or greatcoat. Early cloth shoulder titles were buff letters on beech brown, these were soon replaced by titles with yellow letters. CWAC pattern CANADA titles were worn on both shoulders.

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