The Canadian Provost Corps
1939 - 1946

Canadian Women's Army Corps Provost



cwac With the exception of the MP brassard, uniforms and insignia worn by CWAC Provost were of standard CWAC pattern. The cap, jacket and skirt were of drab barathea, essentially a khaki drab color. A lightweight tan version was provided for summer wear. Dress regulations stated that the dress was to be worn no more than 1/2 inch above the knee. Beech brown epaulettes were worn on the jackets and greatcoats by all ranks. A CWAC pattern khaki drill shirt with attached collar was worn with a beech brown necktie. Brown shoes and stockings were worn by all ranks. The backing color on rank insignia was the beech brown. Warrant Officer's and NCO's insignia were smaller and of a slightly different pattern than that of men's insignia.

CWAC Private's drab barathea winter service dress uniform. Worn with a khaki shirt and brown tie. The Canadian Pacific Force distinguishing patch is worn on both sleeves, indicating that she has volunteered for service in the Pacific theatre.

Detail of the shoulder insignia on the above jacket.

CWAC Corporal's lightweight summer service dress uniform. Worn with the same pattern khaki shirt and brown tie as the winter uniform.

CWAC Pattern Greatcoat

CWAC Pattern Shirt

CWAC Service Dress Hat

CWAC Summer Service Dress Hat

Shoes issued to all CWAC ranks

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