When I was a young MP on my first posting, my training NCO told me that a policeman needed only three things: integrity, common sense, and a sense of humour. You must take the job seriously, but don't take yourself too seriously. I've always remembered that. Thank you Rick.

Let's laugh at ourselves.

Bing Coughlan and "Herbie"

William G. "Bing" Coughlin MBE was a member of the Princess Louise Dragoon Guards and saw action in the Sicily invasion. He was later a Sergeant on the staff of Maple Leaf, the Canadian Army newspaper. His character, "Herbie" came to typify the ordinary Canadian private, so much so that Canadian soldiers became known as "Herbies", a tradition that in some units, is carried on to this day. When behind the lines, or on leave, Herbie seemed to attract the attention of the MPs like flies to er, sugar.....




When they weren't bombing you, Yanks were a great supply source.....