Canadian Forces Military Police Branch

Formation Badges

Cloth formation badges are normally worn on both sleeves of the DEU uniform and on brassards. Metal formation (Command) badges are worn on the right breast pocket.

Mechanised Brigade Groups

After Unification, the Land Element (Army) was designated Mobile Command and the Regular components were restructured into Mechanised Brigade Groups. Each Brigade Group had a Military Police Platoon.
1 Canadian Mechanised Brigade Group DEU Uniform
2 Canadian Mechanised Brigade Group Garrison Uniform

2 Canadian Mechanised Brigade Group DEU Uniform
4 Canadian Mechanised Brigade Group Garrison Uniform

4 Canadian Mechanised Brigade Group DEU Uniform
5 Canadian Mechanised Brigade Group DEU Uniform

Reserve Brigade Groups

After the Second World War, reserve units (Militia) were grouped into Militia Districts, with a Militia District Headquarters usually located in a major city. A Militia District was essentially a Brigade in everything but name, with Infantry, Armoured, Artillery, Engineers and a Service Battalion of supporting services. Most Service Battalions had a Military Police Platoon. As an example example, the Ottawa Service Battalion (OSB) had the OSB MP Platoon as one of it's sub units.

In 1974 Reserve Service Battalions were restructured and redesignated. Reserve Service Battalions were assigned two digit numbers which were also assigned to their respective MP Platoons. In the early 1990s the Reserve Force was again restructured, this time into Brigade Groups. By 2003 there were 10 Brigade Groups in 4 Land Force Areas situated across the country. These were: Land Force Western Area (LFWA); Land Force Central Area (LFCA); Land Force Quebec Area (LFQA); and Land Force Atlantic Area (LFAA).

MP Platoon numbers did not change upon the creation of the Brigade Groups. Reserve Brigade Group cloth badges are worn on the right sleeve of the DEU jacket. Further restructuring has taken place between 2003 and the present.

Land Force Central Area

25 MP Platoon (Toronto)

31 Brigade Group
London Ontario

21 MP Platoon (Windsor)

22 MP Platoon (London)

23 MP Platoon (Hamilton)

32 Brigade Group
Toronto Ontario

33 Brigade Group
Ottawa Ontario

26 MP Platoon (North Bay)

28 MP Platoon (Ottawa)

Land Force Quebec Area

34 Brigade Group

51 Peleton Police Militaire (Montreal)

35 Brigade Group

55 Peleton Police Militaire (Quebec)

Land Force Atlantic Area

36 Brigade Group
1st Version
36 Brigade Group
2nd version

Moncton New Brunswick

30 MP Platoon (Moncton)(restructured and renamed 30 MP Company)

37 Brigade Group
Halifax Nova Scotia

Land Force Western Area

38 Brigade Group
Winnipeg Manitoba

17 MP Platoon (Winnipeg)

18 MP Platoon (Thunder Bay)(disbanded 2003)

39 Brigade Group
Vancouver B.C.

11 MP Platoon (Victoria)

12 MP Platoon (Vancouver)

41 Brigade Group
Calgary Alberta

14 MP Platoon (Calgary)

15 MP Platoon (Edmonton)

16 MP Platoon (Regina) (disbanded 2003)

Reserve Restructuring 2003 - Present

Beginning in 2003, Reserve Military Police Platoons were amalgamated and reorganized into Companies.

2 Military Police Company

31 MP Platoon (London)
32 MP Platoon (Toronto)
33 MP Platoon (Ottawa)

4 Military Police Company

4 MP Company Headquarters (Quebec City)
43 MP Platoon (Jonquière)
51 MP Platoon (Saint-Hubert)
55 MP Platoon (Quebec City)

15 Military Police Company

15 MP Company Headquarters (Edmonton)
11 MP Platoon — (Victoria)
12 MP Platoon — (Richmond)
13 MP Platoon — (Winnipeg)
14 MP Platoon — (Calgary)

30 Military Police Company - (Moncton)

Special Service Force

The Special Service Force (SSF) was formed in 1977. Based at CFB Petawawa, it was essentialy an air mobile brigade with special forces capabilities. It consisted of The Canadian Airborne Regiment, a light Armoured Recce Regiment, Artillery and associated arms and services. The Canadian Airborne Regiment had a section of 4 MPs, all of whom were fully airborne qualified. In addition, 2 MP Platoon was an integral part of the SSF.

Special Service Force Garrison and Field Uniforms
(also worn on the MP brassard)
Special Service Force DEU Uniform

Command Badges

Air Command
Ace Mobile Force
Canadian Forces Europe

Land Forces Command
Maritime Command
Mobile Command

Transport Command
Training Command

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