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Arid Regions Cadpat Uniform

The original trials pattern of Arid Region Cadpat uniform was identical in cut to the OG 107 Combat and Cadpat TW uniforms but had a 4 colour brown and tan camouflage pattern. This was soon followed by a 3 colour camouflage pattern that was adopted in 2002. The first generation uniform had the same exposed pocket buttons as the Cadpat TW. A second generation uniform with a mixture of concealed buttons and velcro is now standard issue. In mid 2005, soldiers in Afghanistan began modifying their shirts by adding a small pocket on each sleeve. This modification became universal and has been approved for future issues. The pocket measures 6 3/4 inches wide by 7 1/2 inches long and has a 3 1/2 inch by 2 inch velcro patch stitched to the outside. The velcro patch is employed instead of the brassard and a variety of insignia may be worn on the patch: several patterns of GLINT type IR reflective patches, ISAF patch, different patterns of Canadian flags and the MP patch. Arid Pattern Cadpat is a theatre specific uniform and is not worn on normal duties in Canada.

Second generation Cadpat AR shirt.

Closeup image of the second generation shirt illustrating the concealed pocket button and placement of the rank slide.

Detail of the sleeve pocket and velcro patch on a theatre modified shirt. A unit tailor simply unstitched the interior waist pockets and stitched them into position on the sleeves.

This image of the latest generation (2004) of CADPAT (AR) trousers illustrates the different methods of securing the pockets. A combination of velcro and concealed buttons is employed.

Wide Brim Combat Hat

The Wide Brim Combat Hat is a useful article of clothing and is far superior to either a beret or the old pattern Combat Hat for protection from the elements. As issued, it comes with a detachable neckcloth which can be folded and stored in a slit pocket inside the crown of the hat. There have been some user complaints that the brim is too wide and interferes with vision, some soldiers unstitch the outer rim, trim the brim down and restitch the rim in place.



Rear view of the hat showing the flourescent "cats eyes". These can be folded out of sight.


Rear view showing the detachable neck cloth.


Interior view showing the slit pocket across the center of the hat, and the hook and loop attachment points for the neck cloth.


The neck cloth folded for storage.


The examples of CADPAT clothing held by the Museum and illustrated within these pages are trial, pre-production or production samples which have been lawfully released for historical/museum collection. The Museum will not entertain offers to sell, trade or otherwise release any such material. Collectors are advised to consult Canadian Forces General Order 120/02 regarding the acquisition or posession of articles of CADPAT clothing.

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