Canadian Forces Military Police Branch

Leather Patrol Equipment

Early Pattern Equipment

After Unification in 1967, the Security Branch adopted the RCAF Police pattern black leather equipment. It was worn during regular patrol duties with the CF Green and Workdress uniforms. As issued, it consisted of a leather waistbelt with attached buckle, pistol holster, handcuff case and cross brace. All metal fittings were brass. Radio holsters were issued as required at the unit level. Individuals added privately purchased items such as flashlight carriers. In the early 1970s, a new pattern of equipment was introduced, varying only in small details from the original. Brass fittings were now a gloss gilt, a belt with separate buckle was issued, and the pistol holster was fitted with a swivel.

Leather waistbelt equipment.

Detail of the pistol holster. The two D rings are for the brace attachments. This holster was produced in left and right handed versions. This pattern was withdrawn in 1992 and replaced by a civilian design.

Female MP holster for the Smith & Wesson .38 calibre Model 36 revolver.

Several patterns of handcuff cases were issued, all similar in general design. This example is a sealed pattern handcuff case for Female MPs

Into the 1990s

Flap holsters for pistols went out of favour with civil police forces by the late 1970s. Although they protect the pistol from the elements, both natural and criminal, it takes considerable time to open the flap and draw. If a police officer has to draw his pistol, these wasted seconds can literally be the difference between life and death. Open top holsters are designed for directional draw, providing a faster response time. Although the pistol looks insecure, certain features of the holster, plus police training in the layered concept of handgun retention, prevent easy loss of the pistol.


Case Tech holsters were adopted in the early 1990s. Availible in low and high rise, they are produced in left and right handed models.

Police notebook carrier

Mini-Maglite flashlight carrier

Handcuff carrier

One pair of search gloves are issued per year and are an essential part of any policeman's equipment. Made of leather, these Hatch Search Gloves are kevlar lined to protect against slashes or punctures.

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