Canadian Military Small Arms

Submachinegun SMG C1

The SMG C1 is a heavily modified version of the British Patchett Stirling Submachinegun. It was manufactured by Canadian Arsenals Ltd at Long Branch, a suburb of Toronto Ontario. It is a selective fire weapon (semi or full automatic) which fires from an open bolt. The gun was designed for right handed shooters, The standard magazine holds 30 rounds, and a 10 round magazine is provided for use by vehicle crews. The SMG has a 100 and 200 yard aperature rear sight. It could be fitted with the standard Canadian C1 rifle bayonet . The SMG C1 was very popular and remained in service until the mid 1980s, when it was withdrawn and placed in war reserve stock.


View of the SMG C1 with the stock folded.


The SMG with the stock extended.


The SMG cleaning kit.

Issued manuals for the SMG

Closeup view of the top showing the magazine housing and marking details. Canadian SMG C1s bear 6 digit serial numbers beginning with a single digit, then the letter "S", followed by four digits. Note the government inspector's marks along the outer edge of the housing.

Closeup view of the bottom of the magazine housing, showing that this gun was made by Canadian Arsenals Limited in 1959.

Detail shot showing the method of attaching the bayonet.