Canadian Army Military Police
1914 - 1920

Web Equipment

Mills Patent M1912 Web Equipment

Quartermaster Sergeant C.H. Dillon wearing the M1912 Pistol belt. Headquarters, Special Guard CMPC Halifax 1919.

In 1914, 5,000 Colt Government Model 1911 .45 calibre automatic pistols were purchased for the Canadian Expeditionary Force. These were made available for purchase by Officers, and were issued to certain Senior NCOs and Military Police. 5,001 American Mills Patent M1912 web sets for the Colt pistols were acquired by the Canadian government at the same time. These sets consisted of a waistbelt, brace, pistol holster and magazine pouch. The Canadian purchases were marked with the Mills bullet trademark, dated 1914 and stamped with the C Broad Arrow of Canadian ownership.

The pistol belt is the M1912 Second Pattern. Note the single retainer and lack of a snap fastener as found on later versions of the belts.

Mills M1912 Magazine Pouch. The Canadian purchase had plain snap closures and did not have a snap fastener on the back.


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