Canadian Army Military Police
1914 - 1920

Warrant Officer and NCO Rank
And Appointment Insignia

  While Canadian officers were granted commissions by the King, Canadian Warrant Officers held their rank by virtue of a Warrant from the Minister of Militia & Defence. In general, warrant officers held appointments as sergeant majors at the regimental, battalion, or company level. However, it was possible for one sergeant major to be classed as a warrant officer, while another was classed as a staff sergeant. In 1915, following British practise, new grades of warrant officer were introduced into Canadian Army overseas service. These were not authorised for Canadian home service, and Warrant Officers Class 2 returning from overseas were advised that the rank did not exist, as far as Militia headquarters was concerned.    Warrant Officers wore their rank insignia on the lower sleeves of the service dress jacket and greatcoat. Some Warrant Officers wore metal rank insignia instead of worsted.

Warrant Officer
Pre May, 1915
Warrant Officer Class 1
Post May 1915
Warrant Officer Class 1
(Sergeant Major)

Non Commissioned Officer's Rank Insignia

NCO's rank insignia consisted of individual chevron tapes sewn onto a worsted wool backing. Crowns worn by staff sergeants or sergeant majors above the chevrons were either brass or worsted.

Lance Corporal

Staff Sergeant
Sergeant Major

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